What to Ask a Home Inspector Before Hiring Them

What to Ask a Home Inspector Before Hiring Them

If you’re looking at hiring a home inspector to get to the bottom of your dream home (literally), congratulations! This probably means your offer has been accepted. A home inspector’s findings will often make or a break a purchase decision, so it’s crucial that you work with someone who is licensed, experienced and is a good communicator. Here’s what you should ask:

Can you be present during the inspection?
Most people like to be on the premises while this is going on, and a good inspector will want this too, so he or she can discuss findings with you as they arise. You might also want to bring a trusted or knowledgeable friend along too.

Are they experienced with this kind of dwelling?
Not all homes are created equally. For example, the inspection of an urban townhome could look quite different from that of a rural cottage or a commercial property. Certain homes have things like septic systems or swimming pools, which might need to be inspected closely.

Are they licensed?
You can easily confirm that your inspector holds the required accreditations by going to your province’s regulatory website.

How will you get the inspection report?
Besides confirming when you will get the report (it should only take a few hours to a day after completion to produce), ask about how you will be able to access it. Some professionals will offer you a paper copy, while others may provide you with a link to an online portal or email you a PDF copy. Be wary of anyone who won’t give you a copy for yourself.

Like with any professional, including your mortgage broker, plumber or electrician, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best individual for your needs. Take the time to vet your home inspector carefully, ask for references and you’ll be on your way to the next step of your home purchase!